Elise Malary: Missing Black Transgender Activist, 31, Found Dead in Lake Michigan

Black Transgender Activist, Elise Malary was missing for two days before police recovered her body near Lake Michigan.

Woman and transgender rights advocate, Elise Malary, who went missing on March 11, has been found, but dead. Malary's body has been recovered from Lake Michigan on Thursday, March 17, 2022. A missing report was filed at the police station, according to police who further said that she was last spotted in the 700-Block of Hinman Avenue and was in touch with her family two days before her body was recovered.

ABC7 reported that police said Malary's car was found late Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot at Hinman Avenue and South Boulevard. According to police, Malary's apartment had been left unlocked and there is nothing at her home or her car that indicates any foul play in her death.

The body of the transgender activist was found lying along the lakefront in the 500-Block of Sheridan Square in Evanston near Garden Park around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, police said, according to reports.

Elise Malary
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"He saw the legs first, but he was - he was pretty shocked! And, I think he was stunned into silence for the next couple days," Ruth Lambach said who added that her grandson,19, who's back home in Switzerland, found Malary's body while he was walking with a friend on his last day in the states.

Who was Elise Malary?

Malary was well known for advocating for the LGBTQ community, transgender people of color and people of color . She was a board member with the nonprofit Chicago Therapy Collective and had a 'profound influence,' according to Malary's friend Alexis Martinez. Malary, who lived in Andersonville, was born and raised in Chicago.