Earth is hollow; Nazis and Vikings live beneath its surface, says new theory

hollow earth

Since the last couple of months, several conspiracy theorists have been questioning the shape of the earth. While most of the people believe that our home planet is round, many theorists have recently said that they believe that the earth is flat.

Now, another group has emerged claiming that the earth is basically 'hollow' and the bizarre just doesn't stop there. This new group also believes that Nazis, super-intelligent aliens and Vikings reside inside the hollow earth!

This theory essentially depicts that the earth contains some sort of a paradise or heaven at the centre of it, just like the "Garden of Eden". These hollow-earthers, the believers in the hollow earth theory, also think that UFOs are actually sent from the core of our planet in order to spy on the humankind and prevent possible nuclear wars.

The person spreading this bizarre theory is Rodney Cluff, who has also written a book on this theory, named "World Top Secret: Our earth IS Hollow." Cluff outright slams the theory of the flat earth. "I don't know how the flat-earthers can be so confused. They are obviously wrong. The world is not flat – it's hollow. They reject all the evidence," he told The Sun.

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Contrary to the beliefs of the flat-earthers, hollow-earthers believe that the planet is spherical in shape, more precisely, like a "doughnut." Add to that, the theory doesn't only stop at us. Other planets of the solar system, sun, moon and even the stars are hollow as well, they argue.

According to them, three "substantial" entrances are there that can take one to the core of the earth. Among these three, one is positioned across the Himalayan region and two are situated in the vicinity of the poles.

"Suspended in the centre of that hollow is an interior sun that is divided by day and night sides," said Cluff.

Cluff was so sure of his theory that he had organized a trip to the core of the hollow earth in 2007. He had planned to start the search for the North Pole's opening from Russia using an "icebreaker ship." The cost of the expedition was £15,000 per head, but it was canceled before take off.

"More and more people are coming to terms with the fact that the earth is hollow. I get emails from people learning about it every day. It's definitely growing in popularity - certainly not in the millions but maybe in the thousands," added Cluff.

In 1811, one sailor, named Olaf Jansen from Norway, had claimed to have visited the core of the earth via the entrance that is situated at the North Pole. As per Jansen, the humans there were 12 feet tall and were also immune from all possible diseases.

"The city of 'Eden' is located in what seems to be a beautiful valley, yet, in fact, it is on the loftiest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent," Jansen had stated, reported the Sun.

Now, the theorists assume that Nazis, who were able to escape World War Two, reside there. They also think that the long-lost Israeli tribes and Greenland's Viking colonies are also present at the mysterious place.

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"They regularly spy on us using spacecrafts and flying saucers. They want to keep an eye on us and stop us from starting nuclear war. The majority of UFOs actually come from inside our planet," said the conspiracy theorist, Cluff.

All these ideas have been slammed by modern science and NASA too.

This article was first published on December 26, 2017