The Early Career of PTM and How He Entered the Crypto Industry


PTM, widely popular as an NFT collector, started his journey as a crypto investor. He took pride in keeping updated about the latest technology trends, which inevitably led him to blockchain technology. The concept of a decentralized currency instantly intrigued him, and he began to do some research. He soon realized that blockchain technology had the potential to revolutionize many industries, not just finance. He started reading everything he could find on the subject and quickly became an expert. Finally, in 2020, he understood the true capability of NFTs and how these virtual assets can provide high ROI. That's when he turned his attention to NFTs.

PTM's experience as a venture capitalist

Before becoming a crypto enthusiast and NFT collector, PTM was a venture capitalist for over a decade, and he's seen it all. He's helped to finance some of the most successful startups. However, PTM has learned one thing through his ventures: always trust your gut through his experiences.

He says, "It's essential for any entrepreneur to have a clear vision for their business. But even more important than that is being able to communicate that vision to potential investors. When I worked as a venture capitalist, I was always drawn to entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of conviction and can articulate their ideas clearly and concisely.

Another thing that I learned during my years as a venture capitalist is to be an early investor. I think this experience has helped me in the NFT industry. I always feel that the early stages of a company's or NFT's development are crucial when the most significant gains can be made. Of course, there's also more risk involved in investing early on, but I think that that's something that you should be able to take on if you want to earn high ROI."

Interest in NFTs

PTM had been an art admirer for years, and it may have had something to do with his interest in NFTs. The NFT collector said that luck had played a significant role in helping him find CryptoPunks in 2020. That set the ball rolling for him.

He started learning about NFTs and how these non-fungible tokens can represent digital assets on the blockchain. PTM said, "The concept amazed me. I was surprised that each NFT is unique and can't be replicated, making it the perfect way to collect and trade digital art and various other items. This enthusiasm for NFTs led me to invest in some of the top projects back then, such as BAYC, Cryptopunks, Ether Rocks, and art by photographer Drift and Justin Aversano."

For PTM, the appeal of NFTs lies in their ability to democratize the art world. Unlike traditional art forms, anyone can create and trade NFTs, regardless of their background or connections. This makes NFTs the perfect platform for upcoming artists.

PTM believes that NFTs still have a long way to go in the future. However, he is confident that NFTs can revolutionize how digital assets are traded and managed. He sure will keep an eye on how the industry develops in the coming years.