Drunk 'Karen' Has Racist Meltdown on Spirit Airlines Flight, Gets Booted Off Plane [VIDEO]

The other passengers on board the Spirit Airlines flight started applauding and cheering when the intoxicated "Karen" was escorted off the plane.

The term "Karen" is being thrown around a lot these days. The popular moniker is being used to describe middle-aged white women who throw a tantrum at the slightest inconvenience, act in an entitled fashion or come up with a sob story to get what they want.

Passengers and crew members on a Spirit Airlines flight encountered one such intoxicated Karen who was escorted off the plane by security after having a meltdown on board and the whole incident has been captured on camera.

'I Have More Black Friends Than White Friends'

Spirit Airlines racist meltdown
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Instagram

The clip, shared on the Instagram account Karens Going Wild, seems to have been shot by a fellow passenger on board and starts off with a white flight attendant appearing to pacify the woman while two other African-American crew members can be seen standing nearby.

One of the flight attendants waiting in the aisle then looks over to the other passengers and shrugs her shoulders and that was enough to trigger a "Karen" meltdown. "I just want to use your f**king bathroom and you're going to claim that I'm racist," the inebriated woman tells the flight attendant while standing over her seat as her friend tries to silence her.

"I have more black friends than white friends," she tells the black crew member as the statement prompts a few laughs from fellow passengers, "F**k you, you stupid b**ch."

Flight Attendant Receives Applause, 'Karen' Gets Kicked Out

The flight attendant is then applauded by the other passengers as she walks down the aisle. "You did a great job back there," one of the passengers can be heard saying to her. The video then cuts back to the intoxicated woman, who continues her profanity-laced rant against the flight attendants. "You're going to f**k me over because I'm white? "F**k you all!," she says.

The footage then shows security personnel boarding the aircraft and asking the woman, who has now changed seats, to accompany them as the other passengers start clapping and rejoicing. The woman's friend then looks over at them in disgust for celebrating the fact that her friend was being removed from the flight over her abhorrent behavior. "Grow up, come on" she tells the passengers.

"She was ignorant, she deserves it," the woman filming can be heard saying to the woman's friend. Watch the full video below: