Draconid meteor shower to reach its peak on October 7, 8; watch out for shooting stars

You should keep an eye out during the nightfall and early evening to witness this meteor shower.

meteor shower

The fiery mouth of the constellation Draco the Dragon will be spitting out meteors in October and it will reach the peak on the evenings of October 7 and 8. This phenomenon is also known as shooting stars.

This meteor shower favours the northern hemisphere, so if you are anywhere at the middle and far northern latitudes on the globe, you will be able to watch this Draconid meteor shower at its peak.

Note: Singapore belongs to both the northern and eastern hemispheres and is located at the immediate north of the Equator.

You should know that this one often happens to be a modest shower, unlike the bigger ones like Perseid, and you can expect around 10 meteors per hour.

The Draconid meteor shower caused beautiful and huge meteor displays in 1933 and 1946. Thousands of meteors were seen per hour in those years. Also just about six years ago, in October 2011, people around the globe witnessed an elevated number of Draconid meteors, despite a bright moon. European observers were lucky enough to see over 600 meteors per hour in 2011, reported Earthsky.

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As per the report, the 2017 Draconid meteor shower is not expected to burst into a storm but you never know when the dragon awakens. So, keep an eye out.

As the publication suggests, watch out for the meteors at nightfall and early evening because that's the time when the radiant point for the Draconid shower is highest in the nighttime sky.

This article was first published on October 5, 2017