Download Super Mario Run unofficial version for Android

The unofficial version of Super Mario Run for Android is now available for free.

Super Plumber Run
Super Mario alternative 'Super Plumber Run' for Android is now available for download via Play Store

Nintendo's popular side-scrolling runner game 'Super Mario Run' has been downloaded millions of times via Apple's iOS App Store by avid Mario fans, while the Android community has already unleashed the unofficial version of the game via Google Play Store. As the game is officially exclusive to the iOS App Store, several Mario fans on Android phones could opt for the unofficial alternative.

Super Plumber Run

The Super Mario Run alternative for Android is dubbed as 'Super Plumber Run' as it mirrors the core-game concepts from Nintendo's offering. A plucky Italian plumber stars in this cheap replica of Mario, wherein the game world mimics Super Mario's credentials, albeit on a raw or unrefined scale.

The mechanics or the game controls behave exactly the same as the Nintendo version, wherein the fake Mario will use the automatic side-scrolling technique just like in Super Mario Run.

As Redmond Pie reports, the developer of the Super Plumber Run has explicitly stated in Google Play Store's metadata that his creation isn't a "Mario clone", but rather an identical proposition with a "different premise" and the added benefit of being free and functional in completely offline mode.

Super Plumber Run

Nintendo has promised to launch the new Super Mario game on Android, after the exclusivity period expires with Apple. Android owners could, however, continue playing the unofficial version of Super Mario in the interim.

Download Super Mario Run for Android (unofficial version)