Donald Trump at the first Ashes Test
Donald Trump at the first Ashes Test Twitter/Cricket Australia

One of the most interesting things about cricket matches in England is the atmosphere created by the English crowd. Unlike the Indian audience who make a wild cheering noise through the entire game, English people like to express their opinions in a more specific manner. However, another great feature of the crowd in cricket's land of birth is the vast number of people dressed up as interesting characters – from fictional to historical, fantastical to real.

Last year, during one of the Tests between India and England, Kim Jong-Un showed up, with a mini nuclear missile in his hands, in one of the stands with a large number of bodyguards. Now, on the third day of the first Ashes Test at Edgbaston, an even more interesting person made an appearance, in an interesting outfit.

It was none other than Donald Trump, President of US, wearing a diaper. Well, it was a man wearing an inflated Donald Trump costume who decided to run around the stand and create a great deal of mirth as the home crowd got worried with their team suffering a mini collapse in the first session.

It may be remembered that some time ago, when the US President was about to visit the United Kingdom, some protestors wanted to hoist a giant 'Baby Trump' balloon in the London sky to welcome him, or to be more precise, mock him. After some doubt over whether the authorities would allow such an insulting act, it did happen.

The gentleman donning the suit at the Edgbaston stadium may not have had the lofty ambition of ridiculing the controversial man occupying the position of world's most powerful person. Most probably, he just wanted to create excitement and get himself on TV. Whatever his intentions, he did get the people excited and even got commentator David Gower to do an impersonation of Trump.

The usually mellow and measured Gower doing an act of mimicry must be regarded as an equally unexpected and amusing incident as the appearance of the guy in fancy suit.