Donald Trump: '60 Minutes' Video Shows President Storming Off Interview with Lesley Stahl

Trump was visibly irritated by interviewer Lesley Stahl's line of questioning about the President's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment and his use of social media.

After Donald Trump's "60 Minutes" interview made headlines last week, CBS finally aired video footage of the segment over the weekend, showing the President abruptly ending the taping and storming off the set after getting irritated by interviewer Lesley Stahl's "tough questions."

Last week, Trump tweeted that he had left a sit-down interview with Stahl, which he called "FAKE and BIASED" along with a short behind-the-scenes video from the taping. He also threatened to release the interview footage himself, turning it into a headline-grabbing event before it even aired.

The actual footage, which is now being widely circulated across social media platforms and has already amassed over 4.6 million views on Twitter, shows Trump ending the interview abruptly before walking off after the host asked him a series of questions about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his use of social media to attack his political opponents.

'Are You Ready for Some Tough Questions?'

Donald Trump

The clip shows Trump getting aggravated by Stahl's line of questioning, which ended with the President cutting short the interview.

Stahl opened the segment asking the president if he was ready for "some tough questions," before going on to ask about the increasing rates of coronavirus infections in the United States, the loss of millions of jobs and his ongoing criticism of wearing masks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

'That's No Way to Talk'

At one point, Stahl asks the president, "Do you think that your tweets and name calling are turning people off?"

"No, I think I wouldn't be here if I didn't have social media," Trump responded. "The media is fake. And frankly, if I didn't have social media, I'd have no way of getting out my voice."

Trump alleged that his Democratic rival Joe Biden has never been asked hard questions and said the way Stahl asked him if he was ready for tough questions at the beginning of the interview and that was "no way to talk." The host reminds Trump that he was the president and not Biden.

A producer then interrupts the interview to inform them of the time remaining, prompting Trump to say "I think we have enough of an interview here, Hope [Hicks],"

"Okay? That's enough. Let's go," Trump says before storming off.

Watch the video below:

"And this ladies and gentlemen is the President of the United States. My God, what a big baby he is! Tantrums and all," wrote one user, while another commented, "Imagine being the most powerful person in the world and being so much of a coward that you can't handle "tough questions."

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