Do Not Try This: THIS Man's Daredevil Backflip Stunt on the Edge of a Cliff Goes Viral [VIDEO]

The viral video has divided the netizens with some calling it to be a foolish attempt, while others admire the performer.

People often tend to become popular online by doing some weird and death-defying stunts, especially on TikTok or other social media platforms. Now, a video of a man performing a backflip has started doing the rounds on social media, and you might be wondering why it is making headlines!

The viral video shows the youngster performing a backflip in an extremely dangerous location, that too on the edge of a cliff though we are not sure where exactly it was shot. The performer, who looks like an expert, is seen landing perfectly on his feet after the backflip in the 15-seconds video. He even shows a victory sign posing for the camera soon after the act.

Backflip on the edge of a cliff
Do not try this: THIS youngster's backflip performance on the edge of a cliff goes viral on social media natofsu/Twitter

The video has now resurfaced online after Indian businessman Harsh Goenka tweeted it on Tuesday asking if this daredevil act should be admired or considered foolish. "Just wondering if his act is to be admired or considered as stupidity," Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises wrote while sharing the clip on Twitter.

The video has been garnering a lot of attention from the netizens, who have been criticizing the performer for doing this dangerous performance. "Maha Stupidity of Export Quality!! This clip should be used as part of an Anti-Weed advert! (sic)," Indian-Pakistani singer Adnan Sami responded to the viral video. "The person doing the act and the person recording the video define irresponsibility (sic)," commented another netizen.

"Utter stupidity, if it's real video. Even if he is the best and has full confidence there is always possibility howesoever remote it is, of failing and putting life to risk. No action is worth risking life unless you must! (sic)," suggested another Twitter user.

However, it seems netizens are divided on the matter as there are a few others, who are apparently impressed by the talent of the performer and admire him for taking such a risk. "In our lives we all are like this daredevil. We all do risky maneuvers which may be admired or can be plain stupid. Can't judge this act (sic)," a user responded.

"That guy must have practised for years, unless he is confident he wouldn't be attempting. He didn't stand back where he started. He knows what he was doing. Not stupid (sic)," commented another.

Meanwhile, the stunt video, which was earlier shared on the TikTok handle of the user 'natofsu' back in 2019 has been viewed by nearly 15 million users, at the time of reporting.

Watch the viral video here: