At A Distance Spring Is Green Spoilers: Kim So Bin Meets Yeo Joon

Kim So Bin and Yeo Joon will probably get entangled in a complicated relationship in the premiere episode of At A Distance Spring Is Green, according to a few Korean drama lovers.

With just 10 days left for the premiere of the new campus drama At A Distance Spring Is Green, KBS has released several exciting details about the show. A poster of Yeo Joon with Kim So Bin is one of them. It hints at their first meeting. The poster shows Joon holding an umbrella for So Bin while she ties her shoelace. In the still, both the characters are seen sharing a casual look.

Will the two end up becoming good friends? According to some of the Korean drama lovers, Yeo Joon and So Bin will get entangled in a complicated relationship.

"To all those who are looking forward to a love triangle between the three lead characters, this show will not show the two male leads fighting for the female lead. Instead, So Bin and Nam Soo Hyun will fight for the love of Yeo Joon," a Twitter user wrote.

At A Distance Spring Is Green

"They may look like good friends in the poster, but they will end up in a love triangle with Yeo Joon in the center of the triangle," another K-Drama fan tweeted.

KBS also released two new stills of So Bin and they feature her as an ordinary college student with a reserved personality. In one of the photos, she is seen sitting alone in the classroom and the other one features her in a casual dress.

Kang Min Ah Opens Up About Kim So Bin

Meanwhile, actress Min Ah, who will portray So Bin in the KBS drama, shared some details about her character. The actress said she is completely different from her character in the mini-series, At A Distance Spring Is Green, Kim So Bin. According to her, she was initially frustrated with the character.

At A Distance Spring Is Green
New poster of upcoming KBS drama At A Distance Spring Is Green. Twitter/KBS Drama

At one point, she thought it will be difficult to clearly express the character on screens. But gradually, the actress tried to understand the character better and she worked hard to portray So Bin on screens in the best way possible.

During the process, she released that So Bin is a very cautious person and she gives great importance to people around her while making a decision. Min Ah now feels that she is learning a lot from So Bin and the viewers will surely get a chance to watch a new side of her through this character in the upcoming KBS drama.

Meet Kim So Bin

K-Drama fans across the globe also got a glimpse of So Bin through the latest trailer released by KBS. In the video, she is seen struggling to mingle with the people around her. So Bin is always lonely and she is seen working hard to be successful in life. The 43-second-long video also features a voice-over of the character, saying, "The only thing I was confident about in life was my work ethics. But I cannot depend on that alone now."

At A Distance Spring Is Green is scheduled to premiere on KBS on July 14 at 9.30 pm KST.