Hertfordshire Cops Who Allegedly Took Explicit Photos of Woman in Patrol Car Fired From Job

Two police officers have been fired from their jobs after being found guilty of gross misconduct while on duty. According to a report published by Daily Star, the cops identified as PC Mark Crompton and PC Ben Pitelen, clicked NFSW photos of a woman inside the police vehicle and at the woman's house in a span of five days starting from December 2012 and January 2013.

Moreover, in one of the explicit photos snapped by Crompton, the woman is seen stripping half-naked while Pitelan is in his uniform, as recorded during the misconduct hearing.

Reports suggest that the two police officers did not have a legitimate policing purpose to land at the woman's house and they also encouraged her to perform sexual acts such as using a sex toy. The incident came to light last year.

Also, according to an official statement, the woman in the racy photos claimed she was unable to recall the snaps taken in the vehicle. However, she admitted to having met Crompton socially.

Crompton, 36, had served the armed policing unit at Luton Airport from 2019. He was a cop for 18 years before being dismissed from his duties on Wednesday.

Moreover, the explicit photos came to light nine years later after an investigation was launched over indecent images of children against Pitelen. Officer Crompton's behavior was branded 'disgraceful' and 'outrageous' by Chief Constable Charlie Hall.

Crompton admitted that his actions were entirely inappropriate, when questioned by Professional Standards and added he did not want to lose face with his senior colleague Pitelen. "I am incredibly sorry to the organisation, my family, my parents and the public who I have served loyally for 17 and a half years," the officer told Chief Constable Hall, according to reports.

This article was first published on February 20, 2022