Dina Fernandez: Cuban YouTuber Says She is Being 'Taken Away' by Security Forces During Live Interview [WATCH]

Dina Fernandez, who is popularly known as Dina Stars, left the interview midway saying that the security forces have arrived and that she was being "taken away."

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A popular Cuban YouTuber said that she was away by Cuban state security forces midway through a live news interview in Havana on Tuesday, according to a report. Dina Fernandez, who is popularly known as Dina Stars by millions of her followers, was being interviewed about the anti-government protests across the communist-run island on Sunday, when police abruptly barged in an arrested her.

However, Fernandez quickly realized that the security forces were there and interrupted the interview and told viewers that the she was being taken away. She then leaves and returns to tell that she would be required to leave with the officers immediately.

Suddenly Taken Away

Dina Fernandez
Dina Fernandez also known as Dina Stars Twitter

Fernandez was being interviewed, along with singer Yotuel, by Spanish broadcaster Canal 4 about the growing anti-government protests in which thousands of people took to the streets across Cuba on Sunday. However, while the interview was being done, she suddenly interrupted anticipating that security forces had come to arrest and abruptly left the room handing over the computer to a friend.

"The state's security forces are here," she said in Spanish during the broadcast from her home in Havana before leaving. "I have to go." Male voiced could be heard in the background but it's not clear what they were saying.

However, no security forces could be seen in the video. Fernandez then returns after a while and tell the interviewer that she has been asked to come with the police officers and leaves saying that the Cuban government is now responsible for her whereabouts as she was being taken to an undisclosed location.

"I hold the government responsible for anything that could happen to me. I have to go," she says before leaving finally.

The interview then asks Fernandez if she is being detained. She responds, "I don't know. They told me to come along with them."

Unrest in Cuba

Dina Fernandez being taken away in the middle of the interview YouTube

Since then nothing about Fernandez's whereabouts is known with Cuban staying tightlipped about everything. According to reports, over 100 anti-government activists in Cuba have been arrested or are missing on the island following widespread protests on Sunday. However, the way Fernandez was taken away is the most shocking of the events as unrest grows in the country.

The anti-government protests in Cuba stem from a wide range of issue starting from shortages in food to COVID-19 vaccines, in what is being termed as the largest uprising against the Cuban regime in decades. Other prominent figures seized since the demonstrations is Camila Acosta, a journalist for Spain's ABC newspaper, who remains in custody.

Also, one person died during clashes with police on Monday, Cuba's Ministry of Interior said Tuesday, according to state-run Radio Rebelde. The Interior Ministry said the man who died and other protesters had attacked officials.