Dimetri Hogan: Rise of The Radiant Child

Dimetri Hogan

27-year-old Dimetri Hogan, universally known as The Radiant Child, has utilized his extensive background in the arts and hospitality industry to catapult himself into a leading creative entrepreneur to watch in 2020.

Relocating to New York City played out better than he could have ever imagined. Citing inspiration from late artist Jean Michel Basquiat whose similar journey as a troubled artist lead to abruptly leaving the safety net of a middle-class family in Boerum Hill, was not lost on Hogan. Even becoming acquainted with Basquiat's early friends has helped fuel Hogan's unparalleled journey to pursue dreams of reverie while watching them come to fruition. Moreover, Hogan admits, "being a young African American man comes with many obstacles, but maintaining a mindset of success has guided me to the finish line of each one that I have encountered thus far."

Hogan has explored many outlets including international photography and developing successful marketing strategies for New York City eateries such as The Little Prince, and utilizing these new relationships to engineer his experiential marketing agency, Radiant Room. The agency has already collaborated with the likes of Prada and the Museum of Modern Art, curating their 2019 holiday dinner at Greek restaurant Lola Taverna.

His success garnered recognition from T1 Advertising, one of the fastest emerging digital strategy agencies in the United States. Partnering with T1 CEO, Thomas Herd has expanded Hogan's marketing efforts with a multitude of brands ranging from technology to luxury real estate. The future looks very bright for The Radiant Child who is paving a way for others to follow.