'Did You Fall on Your Head?' Biden Lashes Out at Reporter for Asking If He Will Hand Over Power to Kamala Harris During Second Term [WATCH]

Republicans frequently argue that voting for Biden is equivalent to voting for Harris to take over in the Oval Office, given Biden's age.

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President Biden lashed out at a reporter on Wednesday who asked whether he intended to serve a full second term or transfer power to Vice President Kamala Harris before January 2029, before addressing a rally in a partially filled school gym.

On Wednesday, Biden and Harris traveled together to Philadelphia to kick off 'Black Voters for Biden-Harris,' in response to recent polling indicating a decline in support for the Democratic ticket among this group compared to four years ago. Biden, who would be 86 at the end of a second term, has faced voter concerns about his age, and in recent weeks, he has hinted at a future President Harris.

Biden Slams Reporter for Awkward Question

Joe Biden slams reporter
Joe Biden seen lashing out at a reporter for asking him if he will hand over presidency to Kamala Harris if he comes for a second term X

"Are you okay?" shouted the 81-year-old president in response across the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport, pointing his finger at his head. "Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?" Biden added, addressing the pool reporter who asked the question.

The reporter then asked if the president could "come closer," citing difficulty in hearing the answer.

"I said, are you okay? Did you fall on your head or something?" Biden shouted again across the tarmac, drawing laughter from his entourage, including Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.).

Republicans frequently argue that voting for Biden is equivalent to voting for Harris to take over in the Oval Office, given Biden's age—he will be 86 even if he completes a full term.

Polls indicate that a majority of Americans are concerned about his ability to serve an eight-year presidency.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris Twitter

However, when the Democratic duo arrived at Girard College for the campaign rally, it was Harris who received a hero's welcome. The schoolchildren in the stands screamed with excitement when the vice president was introduced.

"If he [Trump] wins a second term, he's gonna go even further," Harris said in her warm-up remarks.

"Who sits in the White House matters."

"So in 2020 black voters in Philadelphia and across our nation helped President Biden and me win the White House," Harris said. "And in 2024, with your voice and your power, we will win again."

"Philadelphia, in Joe Biden we have a fighter, a leader with skill, vision, determination and compassion,' she continued. 'A leader who keeps his promises."

No Lies This Time

When it was Biden's turn to speak, he said he came to Philadelphia "to speak the truth." "The truth about 'promises made, promises kept,'" the president said - which was Trump's campaign motto for part of the 2020 race.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The president criticized his predecessor as "clearly unhinged" and told the audience that Trump "wanted to tear gas you" during the Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020.

At one point, Biden speculated about what Trump would have done "if Black Americans had stormed the Capitol" during the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots.

Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump X

"Because black Americans voted, Kamala and I are president and vice president!" Biden declared before vowing to "sign the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and make Roe v. Wade the law of the land again" in a second term.

A Biden campaign official estimated that the Girard College event drew 1,000 attendees, filling about half of the prep school gymnasium's floor and seating areas.

It was not immediately clear why attendance was limited, though other public events featuring Biden have been disrupted by hecklers denouncing his support for the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip.

This article was first published on May 30, 2024
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