Did Yonghwa apply to graduate school to delay military?

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Yonghwa Instagram

The controversy behind CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa and his doctoral program admission at Kyung Hee University is refusing to die down. The singer-actor was under the scanner for getting special treatment for the Applied Arts graduate doctorate program. According to reports, Yonghwa skipped the regular admission process and was interviewed privately.

Following, the news, his agency FNC Entertainment admitted to having influenced the staff and apologised for the issue. They further added that both the label and Yonghwa was unaware of the special treatment received and they were under the assumption that it was their regular process. However, down the line, things got problematic but neither the label nor the singer had any objectives of getting preferential treatment and breaking the school rules. "We are very sorry for causing a controversy. After the issue became problematic, he is currently taking a break from the school," the agency said.

In a hand-written letter posted on his Instagram account, Yonghwa too apologised for the controversy. "I will humbly accept everything said about me. I am sincerely sorry for embarrassing and disappointing my family, my members, and my fans who have believed in me and cherished me. I know it will be difficult to touch your heart with any words or writing, but I want to say I am sorry once again. I am sorry for taking your time away with a post like this," the letter read.

However, the controversy took a new turn on Friday when a section of the media reported that the idol applied for the doctoral program in order to delay his pending enlistment. Reportedly, an employee from FNC said that celebrities often take such steps to delay the military service. "Yonghwa entered the doctoral program to postpone his military enlistment. That was the sole purpose and reason. He's postponed his military enlistment numerous times," an anonymous person was quoted by Koreaboo.

Immediately, FNC reacted to the issue and rubbished the reports as just rumours. "That's news to us. It is true that there is an employee that manages the education schedules of our artists. But their role is restricted to just handing out tablet computers to the artists," the report further added.

With back-to-back twist and turns, it looks like the Yonghwa controversy is here to stay!

This article was first published on January 20, 2018