Did THIS Italian Cartoonist Predict Life in 2022 Way Back in 1962 Thinking About Coronavirus?

The cartoon, published in Italian weekly newspaper, La Domenica del Corriere on December 16, 1962, was drawn by Walter Molino

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, a lot many unusual practices have already become the 'new normal' for people all over the world. As part of maintaining a social distance, even IT companies, which had always restricted their employees from working from home have realized that the tasks can be completed even from remote places.

With many health experts predicting that this pandemic will not end anytime in the near future, people wonder how their future would be as lifestyle habits are changing on a daily basis. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, a cartoon published in an Italian newspaper way back in 1962 predicting the life of people in 2022 has started doing the rounds on social media.

It is understood that the image was featured on the front page of the 1962 edition of the weekly newspaper, La Domenica del Corriere, which was published from 1899 to 1989. The cartoon, published on December 16, 1962, was drawn by Walter Molino, an Italian comics artist and illustrator, who depicted many pedestrians using motorized personal pods instead of walking in a busy street.

Cartoon that predicted the life of 2022
An Italian cartoonist predicted the life of 2022 with this cartoon published in 1962. Danis Tanović/Twitter

Meanwhile, considering the recent Coronavirus-related lifestyle that we are advised to follow to not contract the deadly virus, many consider it to be the future of human beings on Earth.

Did the illustrator predict Coronavirus pandemic in 1962?

It is understood that the image was actually used to illustrate an article about the four-wheeled single-passenger vehicles, Singoletta, which could be used to handle urban traffic in future. The vehicle looks similar to a segway but closed with a transparent dome. But, the visionary, who predicted a busy life, population density and the congestion in cities in future, died in 1997 even before the invention of segway by Dean Kamen in 2001.

Therefore, it has to be noted that with this cartoon, the illustrator Molino tried to predict the future of metro cities due to heavy traffic, and is not associated with the Coronavirus. However, the image that predicted life after 60 years surfaced online in May 2020, and has been going viral on social media in the wake of the virus outbreak and its apt use now.

Check out the cartoon here:

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