Did This Conspiracy Theorist Discover an Ancient City Near Cuba Using Google Earth? (VIDEO)

Waring alleged that Google is trying to hide the existence of this mysterious underwater city near Cuba

Prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring is known for his bizarre discoveries, and experts have several times dismissed his findings stating them as classic cases of pareidolia. Even though attracting skepticism from all corners, Waring is continuing his efforts, and now he claims to have discovered an ancient city sunken underwater near Cuba.

underwater city
Google Earth

Did Waring Discover a Lost City?

In his recent website post, Waring claimed that he has discovered this lost city using Google Earth. He claimed that there is an underwater pyramid in this area surrounded by several buildings.

"I found a pyramid off of Cuba and then noticed another pyramid near it and then...a sunken ship. About 15 years ago I heard about some American soldiers from a submarine going into a bar in Cuba and shooting of their mouths about an underwater ancient city they found off the coast of Cuba. They said it had hundreds of buildings and was incredibly intact. They also said they saw numerous pyramids in it. So I have been looking for this location for years. Today I actually seem to have found part of it," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

He explains it in this video:

Waring also alleged that Google is involved in a coverup, as this area is blacked out in the downloaded version of Google Earth. However, this area is visible in the web browser version. "It is not visible on the downloaded version, it has been blacked out in that whole area! That really makes me think Google hid it on purpose so that the city will remain hidden," added Waring.

When Waring Once Urged Donald Trump to Make Him NASA Head

This is not the first time that Waring is making such claims on his website. A few months back, Waring claimed to have discovered a thigh bone on Mars, and he argued that it is authentic proof of alien existence.

After making this discovery, Waring also requested Donald Trump to appoint him as the head of NASA. Waring also promised to expose all alien secrets if he gets a chance to work as the head of the United States space agency.