Did Roman Reigns link WWE's low viewership to John Cena?

Did Roman Reigns link WWE's low viewership to John Cena?

The WWE viewership in the last two years has considerably dropped on occasions when compared to the years before 2018. CM Punk had often poked fun over it over the issue on numerous occasions and fans of the sports entertainment are of the view that the absence of John Cena and a few others had impacted its viewership.

Roman Reigns and John Cena
Roman Reigns and John Cena. WWE

Now, Roman Reigns, although not directly about ratings slump, has spoken about the difference John Cena's presence makes for the show. "You know, I think it's really shown, over the past year or so, just how good John is, and just what having his presence does for our show. I really enjoyed the time that I spent in the ring with him and if you can't learn from someone like John, then shame on you," Roman Reigns says in the sixth episode of India Asks WWE.

John Cena is busy with Hollywood and TV projects and he has wrestled sporadically for over two years in WWE. When The Big Dog was asked whether he was interested to have a match with John Cena one more time, he claims, "So, yeah, I think any time that we can have all the biggest Superstars to represent WWE, it's a good thing. I know he's busy and he's killing it right now in Hollywood, but yeah, if you ever want some again, John Boy, here we go."

However, John Cena is expected to return to WWE with a bang at WrestleMania 36. Time and again, it has been proven that whenever he makes appearance the viewership has gone up. When he was working full-time, the Cenation Leader used to make his presence felt in almost all the TV recordings and live events.

So, even though Roman Reigns did not link the viewership slump to John Cena's absence, it is clearly understood how much impact the sports entertainment has on the days the Cenation leader appears on WWE.