Did Paul Pelosi Try to Influence Cops Following His Car Crash? Reports Highlight ID Card of 11-99 Foundation

Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, tried to influence the cops when he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on May 28, according to reports. Pelosi was driving his Porsche in Napa, California when it was struck by a Jeep.

The cops on duty present on the scene of the crash stated that Pelosi showed clear signs of alcohol intoxication adding that he also showed signs of impairment after field sobriety testing.

It is also learnt that he showed the ID card of his organization 11-99 Foundation so as to persuade the police officials not to take action against him. The 11-99 Foundation provides financial assistance and scholarships to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and their families.

There were statements on social media that California Governor stepped in to help Paul and that a Sheriff had reached the scene of the crash but left the scene after ensuring that no one was injured.

Paul Pelosi

Is Paul Pelosi a Habitual Offender?

The revelation of the facts has created a furor on social media as followers from a cross section of society have demanded strict action against Pelosi. The followers stated that Pelosi is a habitual offender and has been involved in accidents earlier also.

Pelosi is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with .08% Blood Alcohol Level or Higher Causing Injury.

A report published by The Sun stated if convicted, Paul Pelosi could face up to 5 years on probation and would serve a minimum of 5 days in jail. Also, the authorities can install an ignition interlock device in his vehicle. The report further stated that the victim whose vehicle collided with Pelosi's Porsche had reported pain in his arm, shoulder, and neck following the incident.

A Twitter user wrote, "Paul Pelosi is being protected in a disgusting way. He has been in multiple accidents unreported and now he is in a hit n run scenario and we get no information, no body cam, no nothing,"

Another user stated, "So I see Paul Pelosi was finally official charged with DUI. Finally we are starting to see a little justice. ~And they all fall down #WakeUpAmerica."

"Well, well, well. Paul Pelosi had a 'witness' in the car with Paul. Both cars completely TOTALED! A sheriff was the first at the scene. Checked to see if everyone was okay and LEFT THE SCEEN! This gets curiouser and curiouser. They waited hours before testing him. Still .082," read a tweet.