Did Oh My Girl's YooA Undergo Plastic Surgery? KPop Idol Explains Why She Looks Swelled Up

Oh My Girl's main dancer YooA addressed plastic surgery rumors during a V live stream and explained about her health condition.

Oh my Girl's YooA personally addressed the rumors about undergoing plastic surgery. The KPop idol held a V live stream to connect with her fans and spoke about various issues including plastic surgery. She also expressed worries about her looks and people's malicious comments.

YooA is the main dancer and face of the KPop group Oh My Girl. Her dancing and vocal skills are commendable and she has earned the nickname nine-head Golden Ratio Beauty (meaning the perfect body ratio). She is also called Ipdeok Fairy. But over the years she has also faced malicious comments that targeted YooA with plastic surgery claims. Here is how the idol gave a befitting reply to rumor mongers.

Oh My Girl KPop band's lead dancer YooA. Instagram

Fact About Eye-Lid Surgery

"As an idol, we always get judged. There are lots of compliments but there are quite a few hurtful comments. So I'm really conscious of my face swelling. Every time I get a puffy face due to swelling, people are so quick to jump on accusing me of plastic surgeries such as fillers and eye-lid surgeries. I try my best to control my body swelling but I have a tendency to retain water in my body when I'm tired due to lack of circulation," said YooA.

She explained her health condition and spoke about how baseless comments hurt her. "If I recall correctly, falling asleep in the car for just about 20 minutes was enough to make my face super puffy. I didn't even eat much. The thing is, people would say 'Something about YooA looks different' when I appear at an event with a puffy face. I really don't like receiving such accusations so I have been taking extra care of water retention since then. Now, people ask me if I have lost weight when in fact my body stopped swelling up so much," explained YooA.

YooA also said that she was afraid if standing in front of a large crowd when her body is swollen. But she promised to work harder to maintain her health because she understands the nature of her work and wants to continue entertaining her fans.

Oh My Girl group debuted in 2015. The girl band consisting of Hyojung (leader of the group), YooA, Jiho, Seunghee, Mimi, Binnie, and Arin. The group has given hits including Cupid, Closer, and Liar Liar. The group earned their No 1 in music charts and weekend music shows with their single Secret Garden.

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