Did Hyuna Lift Her Skirt Up and Flash her Booty Again at a Concert?

Hyuna is considered as a controversial queen by conservative K-pop fans. They have plenty of reasons to believe that she tries to grab headlines by doing such acts that many of her contemporaries hesitate to do.

Hyuna Lifting her Skirt Up
Hyuna Liftng her Skirt Up during a performance. Screenshot

Be it her performance at the '2019 Water Bomb Festival' or the way she handled her affair with E'Dawn, her bold nature has given an impression that she is different from the lot. Now, a video is doing rounds that will only make this perception about her stronger.

Hyuna Lifting her Skirt Up and Exposing her Booty
A video of Hyuna lifting her skirt up and flashing her booty is now doing rounds. The multifaceted talent, during the course of the performance, suddenly pulls off this act, leaving a section of people shocked.

As expected, netizens have criticised her and slammed the singer for crossing the line of decency. However, upon closely looking it is revealed that it is not a new video. Yes, it is a clip from her performance at Korea Aerospace University Festival in 2019.

An Old Video Surfaces Again
The 28-year old singer had set the stage on fire then and had also created controversy over the issue. Although people who have closely followed her are aware of the fact that it is an old video, many believe that this is a fresh video.

In fact, she had her agency P Nation had given separate statements over the controversy in 2019.

"The festival I went to yesterday was at a university, and right by was a simple bar with alcoholic drinks. It was a party where everyone could have fun partying. Please ease your heart, and don't worry," Allkpop had quoted the Bubble Pop singer as saying.

On its turn, P Nation stated, "We don't negotiate performances with our artists beforehand. It was something spontaneous she did at the event. HyunA herself is well-aware of the controversy. She personally responded on social media, and we feel her position was clearly explained."

Here is the video of her controversial stage performance.