Did humans discover aliens? Speculation rises as SETI makes new revelation

Many people believe that the US government has already discovered aliens with the help of NASA and SETI

Reptilian aliens
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Astronomers at the University of California Berkeley's SETI project have announced that they are ending the public program aimed at discovering aliens. It should be noted that a network of volunteers has been searching for alien life using their computers since 1999, and this project has now come to an end.

Alien search ends

A recent post on SETI's website revealed that this project will go into hibernation on March 31, 2020. The post claimed that necessary data have been obtained, and from now, they will analyze the results of these details provided by the general public.

"Scientifically, we're at the point of diminishing returns; basically, we've analyzed all the data we need for now. It's a lot of work for us to manage the distributed processing of data. We need to focus on completing the back-end analysis of the results we already have and writing this up in a scientific journal paper," read the website post.

SETI also thanked its network of volunteers who helped them to make mindblowing discoveries over the years. Researchers also assured that more science projects will be launched in the future, and during that time, this network of volunteers can make valuable contributions.

"We're extremely grateful to all of our volunteers for supporting us in many ways during the past 20 years. Without you, there would be no SETI@home. We're excited to finish up our original science project, and we look forward to what comes next," added SETI.

Did humans discover aliens?

Even though SETI did not say they have found alien life, several people strongly believe that extraterrestrial existence has been confirmed, and this is the reason why they stopped this project which has been operational for more than 20 years.

A few months back, Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist had predicted that alien life, at least in the microbial form will be discovered on Mars within 2021. However, Green also added that humanity is not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding alien existence.

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