Devin Jose Jones: Louisiana Groom Shoots Friend after Wedding as He Believed His Wife Has Affair with Him

Jones got extremely violent and also shot a bystander, who was hit in the hand and had to be transported to a hospital where he is recovering.

A Louisiana groom reportedly shot his best friend after his wedding as he believed that his wife was having an affair with the man. Devin Jose Jones, 30, and his newly-wed wife were riding with his friend after the wedding on Saturday night when an argument started following which he shot dead his friend.

The victim was shot in the leg while fleeing from Jones, while another man was shot in the hand after a bullet tore through the rear glass of their vehicle. The victims were airlifted to University Medical Center in New Orleans and are still recovering.

All for Love

Devin Jose Jones
Devin Jose Jones St John Parish Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Mike Tregre said that Jones, his wife and his friend was traveling in a car after their wedding on Saturday night when they hit traffic on I-10 in Louisiana when an argument started between the two men around 11 am. The argument went on for a few minutes when Jones suddenly pulled his gun and shot his friend.

The victim was hit in the leg, according to police and started shouting in pain. Jones then attacked his wife but she somehow managed to get down from the car and stopped an ambulance told personnel her husband was trying to kill her before barricading herself inside, police said.

However, Jones didn't stop there. He tried to force himself inside the ambulance in an attempt to attack and kill his wife. The personnel in the ambulance too started fearing for their lives as Jones reportedly got extremely violent and tried to shoot anyone who tried to intervene or get control over him.

Mentally Unstable

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

Jones continued to fire more shots and also hit a bystander. The man was standing behind the vehicle and Jones fired one bullet that tore past the rear glass of the car, hitting the bystander in his hand.

"While we were assisting the State Police, our 911 center started getting calls of a shooting in the traffic that was backed up from the crash. We got the call of the shooting at 11:08 p.m.," Tregre said.

Finally, police after a long struggle managed to overpower Jones and arrested him on foot. Both his friend and the bystander were then transported to University Medical Center in New Orleans. Both the victims are in stable condition and are recovering from their wounds.

An investigation is ongoing. Jones was charged on Sunday with attempted second-degree murder, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities, aggravated second degree battery (felony) and two counts of aggravated damage to criminal property (felony).

It is not known if Jones is mentally unstable but his wife is shocked at his behavior and reportedly said that he never thought her newly-wed husband would take such a step.