Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau Lick Each Others Tongues in Viral TikTok Video, Spark Dating Rumors

Lovato and Mongeau's rumored ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus unfollowed the pair on Instagram shortly after the viral lip-lock was posted online.

Demi Lovato and social media sensation Tana Mongeau are making waves on social media after the latter shared a video of them kissing each other on TikTok. The clip has now led to speculation on social media with many jumping to the conclusion that the Dancing with the Devil hitmaker and the YouTube star are romantically involved.

The steamy lip-lock took place at Paris Hilton's house in Los Angeles last week, where Hilton held a special screening for her new Netflix show Cooking with Paris, which is now streaming on the platform.

Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau
Demi Lovato and Tana Mongeau's steamy tongue-play was posted by the latter on TikTok. TikTok

The viral video posted on Saturday shows a close-up of Lovato and Mongeau, sitting comfortably and snuggled in the close frame. Lovato smiles at the camera before planting a kiss on Mongeau's cheek as the clip is set to a voiceover asking "Why does everybody think we f*cked?" in the background. Mongeau then turns to her right and the pair lick each other's tongues before breaking into a laugh.

"How we are off-camera 24/7," Mongeau captioned the clip that has amassed more than 7.6 million views on Tiktok. Watch the video below:

Are Mongeau and Lovato Dating?

The video instantly went viral with users questioning whether Mongeau and Lovato are dating. "Is Tana Mongeau actually dating Demi Lovato?" asked one user, while another commented, "Tana Mongeau went from dating Bella Thorne to making out with Demi Lovato. Enough with the washed up Disney stars ma'am."

"How did this duo even come to be?" asked a TikTok user, to which Mongeau replied, "The moment we met forever ago we knew bby hahahaha."

What further fueled the dating rumors was that a Twitter user pointed out that Miley Cyrus' younger sister, Noah Cyrus, had unfollowed both Mongeau and Lovato shortly after their steamy lip-lock was posted online.

There were rumors that Lovato and Noah were dating last month and the alleged couple were even spotted holding hands at a premiere party for Space Jam 2. Mongeau and Noah have also been romantically linked in the past after the YouTuber referred to her as her "girlfriend."