Demi Lovato deserves better! Fans miffed over Wilmer Valderrama's engagement

Wilmer Valderrama is now engaged to his girlfriend, and Demi's fans are not very happy with the news.

If you have been following Demi Lovato then you probably know that once upon a time, Demi and Wilmer Valderrama dated each other, for six long years. Now, you are probably wondering what the hoopla is all about? Well, Wilmer Valderrama recently got engaged to his girlfriend Amanda Pacheco, and apparently, Demi's fans aren't very happy.

Wilmer Valderrama kick stared 2020 in an extremely delightful way by announcing engagement to his girlfriend. The couple has been dating for less than a year but seem completely into each other. But 'Dilmer' fans are less than pleased for the very same reason.

Rumors started in April 2019

Wilmer's Instagram post read: "It's just us now" 01-01-2020." In the photo, the couple is present on the beachside in San Diego and the whole proposal looks quite romantic. The rumors of them dating started in April 2019, when a source close to them reported to E! News that the couple is keeping it simple and doing normal things together. They are always smiling in each other's company and are having fun. And finally, a year later, the couple is ready to take the plunge.

Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer previously also dated Mandy Moore before Demi and it is reported that he is on great terms with both of them. He also fully supported Lovato in 2018 during her recovery from a drug overdose. Nevertheless, the fans are almost fuming. One wrote: "DEMI WAS W WILMER FOR 6 FUCKIN YEARS SHE WROTE A SONG BASICALLY BEGGING HIM TO PROPOSE AND EVERYTHING AND HE PROPOSE TO THIS GIRL AFTER BARELY A YEAR???? LMFAOOOO demi hunny this is why you never beg a man for ANYTHING PERIOD TF"

Huge shock

While another wrote: "Wilmer's ass was with Demi when she barely turned 18 yet never gave her an engagement ring when he was with her for over 6 years but he decide to pop the question to this other girlie knowing Demi still cared about him? This is what I'm talking about: Demi deserves better "

The couple broke up in 2016 and it came as a huge shock because they seemed so much in love. Nevertheless, it is reported that Demi Lovato is "happy" for Wilmer. According to a source, they have always been friends and he still holds a special place in Demi's heart. She has moved on in her life and only wishes good things for him. So, when Demi herself seems okay, maybe it's time to stop all the hate and accept what's going on happily! We congratulate the happy couple.