'Demented' Biden Forgets to Wear Mask, Whispers into Mic; Jill Biden Helps Him Get Down From Stage in Viral Video

Chatter about U.S. President Joe Biden suffering from dementia surfaced again on social media after he was reminded to wear a mask while greeting attendees at the White House Moonshot program event. Later, he was also seen being led away from the stage by his wife, Jill Biden.

Aiming to cut cancer deaths in the country by 50 % within next 25 years, Biden relaunched the 'Moonshot' initiative. The program was first launched in 2016 by the Obama administration.

Joe BIden
U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden. Twitter

Biden Forgets to Mask Up

A clip from the event surfaced on social media showing Biden going mask less while greeting the attendees. Biden is seen shaking hands and interacting with those around him.

Moments later, Senator Amy Klobuchar is seen whispering something in Biden's ears following which he immediately puts on his black colored face mask.

"Maskless US President Joe Biden breaks COVID-19 safety protocols, shakes hands with attendees at the White House Moonshot program event until Sen. Klobuchar seemingly comes to remind him about the pandemic," tweeted Benny Johnson.

Another clip shows the FLOTUS holding Biden's hand as she walks him away from the stage. The 5-second clip posted by The Post Millennial has generated over 119,000 views.

"Normally, I'd make a sarcastic comment, but there's nothing funny about elder abuse. There is no dignity in watching this man's physical and cognitive decline in real time," wrote a user.

"Yeah this isn't just a couple holding hands, it's a wife making sure her husband can navigate his way back to his room. His gait the way is head is facing down nothing good about this scene," read another tweet.

Biden Caught Whispering, Again

Another clip that went viral from the event shows Biden whispering into the microphone while stressing his point. " I was told, patients don't want to share their data. They all want to share their data. Sometimes you all don't want to share what you know," Biden whispers before slowly pulling himself away from the mic.

The act prompted several reactions from the social media users. "Why is #Biden talking about #Cancer today? Doesn't he have enough stuff to worry about? And he's SO DAMN #CREEPY when he does his little "secret whispering..." It's not cute or funny. It's creepy old man stuff," tweeted a user.

"Does he think if he whispers then we wont hear him lie? Who the Fuck wants to share their data? No Biden you babbling whispering creepy idiot, we have a right to privacy for a reason," read another tweet.

"I heard from a reliable source that that is not biden whispering. When he does that it's because he is demon possessed, with the serpent from the Garden of Eden. I am totally serious... His eyes have red serpent eyes when he does that & he leans forward. I kid you not," opined another user.