Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond (25) gets a title - No Time To Die!

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig Reuters

The highly anticipated final 007 film of Daniel Craig has finally found a befitting title. Bond 25's official Twitter account announced the news and confirmed that the film has been titled 'No Time to Die'.

Directed by Cary Fukunaga, the film's script has been penned by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. For the 25th film, the ensemble star cast will also include Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ana de Armas, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw. Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek has also been roped in to play the film's prime antagonist.

The film was originally supposed to be directed by Yesterday filmmaker Danny Boyle. However, due to creative differences, Boyle walked out of the project and the production house roped in a new director.

There were several working titles for Bond 25, such as Eclipse, A Reason to Die and Shatterhand. However, the studio finalised on a title that has left us speculating the future of Bond. Reports also suggest that the screenplay of the film has been endlessly re-written by Fukunaga, Waller-Bridge and Daniel Craig himself. Considering how this is the last Bond film for Craig, perhaps he is taking the Hugh Jackman track of involving himself in the writing part of the film.

A source told Daily Mail, "She's writing a re-write of a re-write. Daniel's writing. Cary's writing. The crew reckon they're working on a well-polished s**t show. They have an outline of the plot, but the dialogue is all last-minute. It's not the way to make a movie. I would imagine they'll sort it out in the cutting room. That's where most movies get made anyway. But you'd think the Bond lot would be more together."

For the theme tune of the 25th film, Craig was reportedly keen on getting Ed Sheeran on board. A source told The Sunday Mirror, "Daniel was introduced to Ed's music by his daughter Ella. She loves Ed, and Daniel now really likes his stuff too and wants Ed for the theme tune." However, the producers are not sold by the idea and are still looking at Adele, who performed the theme of the 2012 Bond film Skyfall.

The film has been shot at several locations, including Jamaica, Norway, Italy and England, but relocation to the Scottish Highlands brings forth a theory that perhaps the secret agent will visit his childhood home.

James Bond 25, or rather No Time to Die, is scheduled for an April 2020 release in the United Kingdom and the United States. With the constant alterations in the screenplay, will they be able to meet the deadline?