Dalaneo Martin: Bodycam Footage Shows DC Cop Fatally Shooting Black Teenager from Backseat of Car They Believed was Stolen [GRAPHIC]

Dalaneo Martin
Dalaneo Martin (left) and a still from the body camera footage. Twitter

U.S. Park Police on Tuesday released body-cam footage showing an officer fatally shooting a 17-year-old last month after the officer climbed into the back of a vehicle to detain the teen and was still inside when he drove away.

The incident has now sparked a federal civil rights investigation and the family of the teenager, identified as Dalaneo Martin, is urging authorities to charge the officers involved in the shooting.

Police were Responding to a Suspicious Stolen Vehicle

On Tuesday, police released footage from two body cameras of the officers involved and a 12-minute explainer video that included officers giving medical aid to the driver before emergency medical personnel arrived. One of the two body camera videos is about 37 minutes, and the other is about 29 minutes. Officers' faces are concealed, and some of the audio is muted.

In the explainer video, Park Police said Washington's Metropolitan Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle. The SUV was running, and a driver was sleeping in it. Washington police learned the SUV was stolen, Park Police said. That's when Park Police offered assistance.

'Stop, or I'll Shoot'

One video shows officers from both departments discussing ways to get into the vehicle without waking up the person in the driver's seat and putting themselves in danger that the vehicle could flee.

A Washington police officer can be heard in the video talking to Park Police. "Please don't get caught inside," the officer says in the clip, adding, "Don't get inside that car."

One of the body camera videos shows an officer opening a rear driver's side door and entering the vehicle. Commands of "Police! Don't move!" are heard. Additional video shows an officer appearing to struggle with the driver, who then begins to accelerate with the officer in the back seat.

"Stop, man. Just let me out," the officer says, according to the video. "Stop, stop or I'll shoot." The officer then shoots the driver multiple times from the back seat before a loud crashing noise is heard. The SUV plows into a home after the shooting, Park Police said.

The following video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Police Say There was a Gun in the Vehicle, Another Officer was Being Dragged Outside

Investigators recovered a gun in the vehicle, Park Police said. In its initial statement, police said that another officer was being dragged by the fleeing car and the officer inside the vehicle shot Martin after he failed to comply with his orders to stop the vehicle.

"While officers were attempting to detain the driver, the car fled from the scene with one USPP officer inside the car. A second officer, the USPP sergeant, was dragged by the fleeing car from outside the vehicle," police said. "The USPP officer inside the car gave verbal commands for the driver to stop. After the driver did not comply, the USPP officer discharged their firearm. A male was pronounced dead on scene. A firearm was recovered inside the vehicle."

Both officers were taken to a hospital for treatment. Their names and conditions have not been released. The officers are on paid administrative leave during the investigation, which is standard procedure.

Martin's Mother Demands Justice

Martin's mother, Terra Martin, appeared at Wednesday's news conference and demanded the name of the officer who fatally shot her son be released immediately. She said she wanted all officers involved in his death to be punished criminally.

"I want him arrested. I want him to stop getting paid while he murdered my son and is still home with his family," she said. "Time and time again, I sit and I try to get my head wrapped around this, and I can't. I don't sleep. I don't eat. And justice needs to be served."

The mother has also started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family cover funeral costs and to support Dalaneo's young son.