Dad and daughter duo capture strange UFO in the skies of Gloucester


A father and daughter living in Gloucester filmed a bizarre UFO in the skies on April 25, 2018. The incident apparently happened in the Linden area, and the duo is pretty sure that they have seen a UFO which is not manmade, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Kristofer Wagner, 33, and Katie Wagner, 14, the father-daughter duo spotted the strange object at around 9 PM above the Bristol road area, and soon, the father captured the weird incident on his daughter's mobile phone.

Kristofer who filmed the eerie sighting said that the object they spotted was so big and bright in the sky.

"It was so big and bright in the sky and looked stunning. There are planes flying above it and so it was way too low to be a star. I believe it was a UFO," said Kristofer.

He added that they had spotted a similar UFO in the same area around three weeks ago. Kristofer also revealed that before Christmas, he witnessed big orange balls passing above them, and assured that they were not Chinese lanterns.

"I believe we are being visited by other worlds like we visit other countries. I don't want to sound crazy, but I do believe these objects are not man-made," continued Kristofer.

This is not the first time that similar sightings are happening in Gloucester. In last December, Cheltenham residents were baffled to witness strange lights appearing in the skies during the early hours. The footage of this incident soon went viral. but authorities failed to give a convincing explanation for this sighting.

UFO monitoring website 'UFO Stalker' also reveals that 16 cases of unidentified flying object sightings were reported in Gloucester in the recent years.

As the news of the sighting went viral, conspiracy theorists have started claiming that aliens from deep space are continuously monitoring the activities of human beings. Some of these theorists even argue that aliens are now planning for a disclosure.

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