Cristiano Ronaldo's Driver Queues for 7 Hours to Refill Petrol in His Bentley in London but Leaves Empty Handed

While his employees waited with the cars, they were seen having coffee brought from inside the garage's Spar.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Bentley was seen waiting for almost seven hours to fill fuel at a forecourt in Cheshire on Wednesday, as London continues to bear the brunt of acute petrol crisis. The Portugal football star's driver was seen parking the recently bought $300,000 Bentley Flying Spur into a Shell garage in Wilmslow at around 2.20pm on Wednesday as eh waiting to refill the car.

Petrol crisis in the UK is now mounting pressure on authorities, with reports coming of station staff being subjected to "unacceptable" levels of abuse. Despite pleas for calm, more mass brawls are being reported to have broken out across Britain over petrol over the past few days.

Ronaldo's Ordeal

Ronaldo Bentley
Cristiano Ronaldo with his recently bought Bentley YouTube Grab

Ronaldo was among the thousands of Londoners who had to bear the brunt of the ongoing petrol crisis in the UK. The Manchester United Star's Bentley had to wait for almost seven hours in queue to fill the vehicle with petrol. Besides the newly purchased Bentley, the footballer also ordered a member of his security team to fill up his Range Rover as both the drivers were seen arriving together with the respective cars.

However, the wait didn't help. After waiting for 6 hours and 40 minutes, both the drivers realized that the oil tankers won't be arriving anytime soon and decided to leave the petrol station at 9 pm.

Ronaldo couldn't be seen anywhere in the filling station although he stays quite close to the place in a mansion. While his employees waited with the cars, they were seen having coffee brought from inside the garage's Spar. A source told theSun: "Even with all Ronaldo's money, he's in the same boat as the rest of us. His security waited for hours obviously hoping a tanker would eventually arrive but they were forced to drive off." The two drivers looked fed up and left as it also started raining in between.

Oil Crisis Hits Europe

cristiano ronaldo
cristiano ronaldo/Instagram

Londoners are increasing getting frustrated with the ongoing crisis for petrol. It was no different for Ronaldo's drivers although they knew that they would have been forbidden from purchasing more than $40 worth of fuel after Shell brought in a cap to help tackle panic-buying.

Petrol station workers are being subjected to "unacceptable" levels of abuse and industry leaders have warned that the crisis could last for another month. Also, ambulances could be seen stranded on the roadsides.

In Epping, Essex, accusations of queue jumping or taking too much fuel caused a fight to spill out into traffic on Wednesday, with one man involved repeating "You didn't need it" while launching a series of punches and kicks.

The ordeal is now being faced even by celebrities like Ronaldo. However Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said Wednesday that the situation appeared to be "stabilizing" with most people "behaving quite responsibly."