Criminal Minds: Moon Chae Won learned action moves by getting hurt on set

Reveals she trained in an action school for the drama.

Moon Chae-won
Actress Moon Chae-won.

Actress Moon Chae-won, known for her roles in films and dramas like 'War of the Arrows' and 'The Princess' Man,' will next be seen in upcoming tvN crime procedural 'Criminal Minds.' The actress revealed how she learned to do her action scenes by getting hurt on the sets.

As noted by website Soompi, Moon Chae-won attended the July 19 production press conference for 'Criminal Minds,' at Gangnam Imperial Palace. When asked how she prepared for her action scenes, the actress responded, "You learn how to do action scenes while you're on set and getting hurt."

Below is her official character poster.

Moon Chae-won continued, "To better prepare myself for the role, I found an action school and began training. That way I could bring more reality to my action scenes instead of learning only the moves required for each scene. At first I was really scared I would get hurt. But once I got going, all of my worries disappeared."

She also revealed her homework in preparing for her role as a behavioural analyst and criminal profiler in the NCI. "The SBS program 'I Want to Know' has a lot of real-life profilers on the show, so I watched lots of videos to see how they really behave. When you watch videos of them interviewing criminals, you can definitely see what kind of personality and mindset they have. I'm trying to incorporate that into my role," Moon Chae-won said.

Lee Joon-gi, who also stars in the drama, revealed he was relieved to have been finally able to film a modern drama set in the city. "When filming historical dramas, we travelled all over the country to film in locations that had mountains and fields, which suited a historical drama. Filming in a city is great because there's always air conditioning. When filming historical dramas, we're often in places that are remote or secluded," he had said.

Lee Joon-gi revealed that he had to learn a Russian martial art known as Systema, for his own action scenes. He also had to learn how to perform magic tricks. This is because his character is supposed to help child victims by distracting their minds from their traumatic experiences by showing them magic tricks.

The first episode of tvN's 'Criminal Minds,' based on the American series of the same name, will air on July 26 on tvN. It will occupy the Wednesday-Thursday slot at 10:50 p.m. KST.

This article was first published on July 21, 2017