Crash Course in Romance Ending Explained, Episode 16 (Finale) Recap

Crash Course in Romance's ending featured several surprising moments for the viewers. Episode 16 aired on tvN Sunday, March 5, at 9.10 pm KST. The finale addressed Nam Hae Yi's big decision and its impact on her loved ones. The chapter also featured a new beginning for Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun.

The star teacher and former national athlete faced new challenges in the last episode of this mini-series. The K-drama picked up right from where it left off in episode 15 and featured the big decision made by Hae Yi. The high-schooler informed Haeng Sun, Chi Yeol, Jae Woo, Kim Young Joo, and the biological mother of her plans to move to Japan.

Haeng Sun furiously asked her niece when is she planning to move, and she said as soon as possible. Hae Yi also informed her family that she would talk to the home teacher about moving to Japan with her mother. But her mother was not prepared to take her to Japan. She curiously asked her daughter the reason behind this big decision. Hae Yi did not give a proper answer to her mother.

Haeng Sun and Jae Woo could not understand the reason behind Hae Yi's big decision. Haeng Sun tried talking to her niece to get an answer. But Hae Yi did not tell her anything. Haeng Sun realizes that Hae Yi has made up her mind. It could be impossible to convince her. So, the former national athlete prepared herself to say goodbye to her niece. She also asked her elder sister to take good care of Her Yi.

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Hae Yi's biological mother decided to leave South Korea after seeing everybody in pain because of her. She knew the reason for her daughter's big decision was something to do with her. So, she thought it was better to leave. She wrote a handwritten letter to her sister and left a message for her daughter before leaving South Korea.

A New Challenge for Nam Haeng Sun

After Hae Yi made the big announcement, Haeng Sun could not focus on anything. She struggled a lot and suffered all alone. Although Chi Yeol tried to stay by her side, it did not help her. The star teacher suggested his girlfriend learn something new after her niece leaves with her mother. He said it could help her a lot during difficult times.

Haeng Sun informed Chi Yeol that she wanted to be a sports instructor after Hae Yi joined college. She will prepare for the test after Hae Yi leaves the country with her mother. Since the high school student did not go with her biological mother, Haeng Sun waited for her niece to get into college to join classes for the test.

Haeng Sun started preparing for the test after Hae Yi joined the college. However, it took her two years to pass the exam. Meanwhile, Hae Yi, Sun Jae, and Soo Ah joined the college. Seo Geon Hu continued to attempt CSAT. Young Joo and Jae Woo registered their marriage and waited for their first child. Everybody got their happy endings towards the end of Crash Course in Romance episode 16.