Covid-19: Singapore issues 14-day stay-home notices for travelers coming from Asian countries and UK

Singapore saw 25 new coronavirus cases in the last three days

People entering Singapore with recent travel history to Asian countries, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be issued 14-day stay-home notices.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore issued an official statement announcing that it will be effective from Monday for all the travelers. This will not be applied to those coming from Malaysia. Singapore saw 25 new cases in the last three days, three-fourth of them imported cases.

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Wikimedia Commons

According to the stay-home notices, travelers who visited any Asian country, Japan, Switzerland or the UK within the last 14 days will be served 14-day stay-home notices. Those who are served notices will have to provide proof of where they will be serving the entire period. They will have to remain at the same place for 14 days where they can also be tested for coronavirus.

All short-term visitors who reside in other Asian countries will have to apply for approval. It will be approved by the MOH. Without the approval, they will be denied entry into Singapore. "This is because of the risk of community transmission in these countries and evidence of cases that have been imported from these countries into Singapore."

Travelers from affected countries

There have been 212 confirmed coronavirus cases with no deaths in Singapore. The government also announced that long-term pass-holders or residents coming back from mainland China, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Korea and Spain will also be issued 14-day stay-home notices. Short- term pass-holders from these areas will not be allowed to enter Singapore.

Regardless of travel history, travelers who show symptoms of fever or respiratory illness have to compulsorily go through COVID-19 swab tests. Such travelers will also be issued 14-day stay-home notices.

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