Coronavirus scare: MI6 urges government to reassess relationship with China

Several conspiracy theorists believe that coronavirus is a pathogen that might have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan

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Experts believe that the novel coronavirus was originated in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, and it was from there that this deadly pandemic started its killing spree. Now, COVID-19 has literally affected all the nations in the world, and the death toll has already crossed 1,14,000. As panic looms up, MI6, the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom has urged the government to reassess the country's relationship with China after containing the virus.

A dire warning from MI6

MI6, and MI5, its domestic counterpart believe that the Chinese response to the virus was not proactive, and it has played a crucial role behind the widespread outbreak of the pandemic all across the globe. The intelligence agencies have also requested to ensure tighter controls on high-tech and other strategic industries to protect the national interests of the UK.

MI6 and MI5 have also asked authorities to restrict the information access to Chinese students at Universities and other places to reduce the possibility of an anti-national move, reports.

Is China playing a sinister game?

It should be also noted that intelligence agencies all across the world have been urging their respective governments to focus more on Chinese activities since the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier, United States President Donald Trump had openly stated that China's recovery post the coronavirus outbreak seems very suspicious. He also made it clear that China could have given an early warning to the world regarding COVID-19, so that other countries can take necessary precautions.

A section of conspiracy theorists strongly believes that the coronavirus is a pathogen that could have been mostly escaped from Wuhan Virology Institute. In order to substantiate their views, they put forward a news report published by journal Nature in 2017. In the news report, it was revealed that a laboratory in Wuhan is experimenting with the world's most dangerous pathogens.

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