Coronavirus Iran: Video shows COVID-19 infected Iranians including young kid collapsing in street

  • A heatbreaking video shows a boy in school uniform collapsing on the street before he taken away in an ambulance

  • Iran claims 54 have died and 978 have been infected so far

The coronavirus containment measures seem to be failing inside Iran, where multiple videos shared online show people collapsing and even allegedly dying on the streets after getting infected by the deadly strain of COVID-19.

There have been allegations that the Iranian regime, which was first dismissive of the coronavirus outbreak, now may have been hiding the number of patients infected by COVID-19. Later, a health worker is seen talking to the kid, who is then taking away in an ambulance.

One heartbreaking video shared shows a young schoolboy coughing and collapsing on the street. The video claimed to have been shot in Tehran shows the kid dressed in school uniform trying to walk, at one point he is seen on a car before collapsing.


Several such scary videos have been shared online. Another video shows suspected coronavirus patient lying still on the platform of a train station. One such video filmed on a busy Iranian street shows a man lying unconscious while a woman is instructions, other passersby, to get help.

A video filmed inside a shopping mall in Iran shows a man collapsing suddenly while scared passersby are seen covering their faces swiftly to avoid getting infected.

As per the latest update on Sunday, Iran reported that the death toll from the new coronavirus strain (COVID 19) has reached 54, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur told state TV, adding the number of those infected had reached 978.

"There were 385 new cases of infected people in the last 24 hours, increasing the total number to 978. The death toll is 54," Jahanpur said, calling on Iranians to avoid any unnecessary trips and stay at home.

A Reuters report revealed that Iran has had the highest number of deaths from coronavirus outside of China, where the outbreak originated, and a handful of countries in the region have reported infections among people who traveled to the Islamic Republic.

Multiple sources from Iran, however, claim that the Iranian regime has been playing down the number, where the number of those who died after contracting COVID-19 exceeds 500. The spread of misinformation by the Iranian regime has also angered the Iranians, who on Friday burned down a clinic dubbed "Corona Hospital" in Bandar Abbas claiming that the regime was quarantining coronavirus patients from Qom in their town.

This article was first published on March 1, 2020
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