Coronavirus deaths in Iran rise to 1,556: Health ministry

The virus has taken a toll on the lives of the people around the world as most of the countries can witness recession in near future

The death toll of Iran due to the cortonavirus or COVID-19 outbreak rose to 1,556 on Saturday whereas the total number of infected cases exceeded 20,000, an official from the health ministry stated. The death toll stood at 1,433 and the total cases registered were 19,644 on Friday.

Coronavirus outbreak

SARS-CoV Wikimedia Commons

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a major stir around the world by claiming the lives of over 11,000 people. The deadly virus outbreak has infected more than 275,000 people worldwide and is continuing to spread further. Many countries around the world have imposed lockdown to contain the spread of the deadly virus which has created havoc for the human beings.

The WHO has described the outbreak as a pandemic and asked the citizens of all countries to practise the precautionery measures to be on the safe sid and assure that they do not get affected. Scientists are trying to find a vaccine as soon as possible for the virus.

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