Coronavirus claims its youngest victim; harrowing footage from New York hospitals emerge [VIDEOS]

Close to a million cases have been reported from around the world, as USA's death toll has surpassed 5,000

On Wednesday (April 1), the total number of novel coronavirus cases reported from around the world reached 935,817, along with 47,208 fatalities. USA reported a record 884 deaths, taking its total death toll to 5,119.

France and UK too reported their highest number of fatalities -- 509 and 563, respectively. Italy, which became the epicenter of Covid-19 pandemic after China, is registering a decline in the number of daily cases, but has extended the country-wide lock-down till April 13.

Coronavirus in the United States of America

Coronavirus update: April 2
John Hopkins University

According to the tally by John Hopkins University, USA has recorded 216,515 coronavirus cases, thus registering more than 25,000 new cases, in a day. Fatalities have surged past 5,000, with the country witnessing the death of world's youngest coronavirus' victim, a 6-weeks old baby from Conneticut.

"Testing confirmed last night that the newborn was COVID-19 positive", Governor Ned Lamont wrote on Twitter.

Governor Ned Lamont's Tweet
Governor Ned Lamont's Tweet

Although the disease reportedly turns fatal for the elderly and those with underlying health issues, several cases of younger people succumbing to the deadly disease have emerged.

Meanwhile, New York continues to be the virus' epicenter in the country. Several harrowing videos have appeared online, which appear to show hospital filled with corpses, as well as dead bodies being transferred in refrigerated trucks.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered all playgrounds and basketball courts to remain shut. "You still see too many situations with too much density by young people", he said. "No density, no basketball games", he added, AFP reported.

Florida became the next US state to order a lock-down, with 21 million residents ordered to stay inside their homes, for a month.

Coronavirus in Europe

With 509 new fatalities reported on Wednesday, France's death toll has surged past 4,000 to reach 4,032 along with 56,989 cases. Germany, which has reported 77,981 cases and 931 fatalities, has ordered lock-down to be extended till April 19. This means that families would not be able visit each other for Easter, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned.

"A pandemic does not recognize holidays", she said.

Italy, which has reported 110,574 cases and the highest number of fatalities (13,155) has extended its lock-down till April 13. "If we start loosening our measures now, all our efforts will have been in vain", said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in a televised address.

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