Coronavirus in China: Shocking videos reveal how city lockdown affecting Chinese people

  • Netizens have shared videos on Twitter which revealed that Chinese people are facing a hard time during the Coronavirus lockdown

  • A Chinese journalist was arrested who was exposing the reality of life inside the Wuhan lockdown zone

As per the recent updates, the Novel Coronavirus has killed over 2,900 people globally and infected more than 85,000 individuals. While the COVID-19 has reached to every continent in the world, China has implemented lockdown measures in which residents are not allowed to leave their homes.

But recently a few videos appeared on the social media platform Twitter that showed how these newly imposed security measures affecting Chinese people and their regular life.

Wuhan Coronavirus
Coronavirus lockdown Twitter / Imran Iftikhar

China lockdown affecting people

One of the videos, recently posted on Twitter, has shown a Wuhan man, who was denied to go for groceries during the lockdown. When he asked the security about when and how he can go out, they gave no solution.

The man was recording a video of the incident, he was asked to stop. Then he told the security that "I am filming because you guys didn't solve the problem." During an argument with the man the security official told him "We have safety guards 24 hours at the gate and we never used any violence."

The man then heard saying that they came to the place to register and wanted to go out to get groceries, but "Now you are saying that we can't go out even if we register." In the video, it could be seen that when the man was communicating with a female security official, she stopped responding.

Suddenly another security officer appeared and told the man that "Did we not explain it to you? You are not listening." Then again the man replied to the security official that "We just said there's a regulation that we are not allowed to go out anymore. But under what circumstances are we allowed to go out?"

The man also mentioned that if they are asked not to go out then they will follow the orders, "But what are we going to do with our living? How are we going to get groceries?" The video showed when the man was still talking to the security and seeking answers, all the officials went away and he did not get a further response.

Another video, which was posted by China in Focus-NTD, clearly showed that how law enforcement officers in the epicentre of the new Coronavirus, Wuhan, were stealing the vegetables which came from the welfare donations due to the lockdown in China.

A man managed to record the whole incident on his phone and while filming he said an officer was stealing from the relief supplies which came from Sichuan province. The man also mentioned that "At first the officer did not allow the truck to unload. But when they bribed him with some of the cargo, the officer let them unload the supplies."

While filming the incident, the witness also said that "What is the difference between this and being an outlaw."

A Twitter user posted a video stating that "The extended lockdown due to #coronavirus has reached the limit of human tolerance," while another netizen posted a video, which claims that "In Wuhan, migrant workers are kicked out from rental housing and forbidden to leave due to draconian lockdown measures. They are forced to live in the streets. Some may go hungry days on end if not for these volunteers. Worse, relief is not in sight!"

Journalist arrested

Li Zehua, a Chinese journalist, quit his job at state-run TV station CCTV to expose the reality of life inside the Wuhan lockdown zone which is the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak. He was detained by Chinese security forces at his apartment in Wuhan and the whole incident was captured in a video which became viral on social media.

This article was first published on February 29, 2020
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