Conspiracy theorists spot Egyptian like Pyramid on Mars (VIDEO)

Canyon of Mars
Representational image ISRO

As Egyptian pyramids still continue perplexing researchers, conspiracy theorists have now discovered a pyramid-like structure on Mars. A video posted by conspiracy theory channel 'Streetcap1' features an Egyptian-like pyramid on the Martian surface, and interestingly, the channel has spotted the structure from an image released by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The narrator of the video claims that the images were captured by NASA's Mars rover 'Curiosity'. In the image, we can see disc type objects in the bottom, and at the center of the image, there lies an unusual structure which very much resembles the Egyptian pyramids. In the backdrop, there is another large pyramid-like structure with thick edges, but the top was blown off.

As the video of the Martian pyramid went viral, alien buffs believe that the red planet was once the home of a glorious civilization. Another section of people claims that aliens still live in the underground of Mars, as the surface has become barren, making life a hard task.

The video has been well received by the fans of the conspiracy theory channel. Majority of people are thanking the channel for disclosing the truth, and they even believe that Governments all around the world are covering up the presence of aliens for unknown reasons.

"Definitely not alone in the universe. I've been experiencing shit since I was a child. Same maneuverability as today which we didn't have the tech when I was young. They're here, been here, built the megalithic monuments around our world and on other planets. It's our ignorant government's abroad who work off of a fear-based mentality that keeps them from true contact with us," commented a YouTube user named Unga Warrior.

"That is mad it actually looks like a half-built pyramid that's been abandoned! Wish NASA and governments would just come clean there's too much evidence out there to keep denying the truth," commented Neil Homer, another YouTube user.

However, experts claim that it is the strange ability of our brain called pareidolia which makes us see such weird objects. Pareidolia is the capability of the human brain to perceive a specific and meaningful image in a random visual pattern.