Comedy in the Face of War: Comedian Louis CK Set to Perform in Kyiv Despite Russian Forces Standing 20 Miles from the Border

'The Louis CK Show in Kyiv has not been canceled,' a person wrote on Twitter.

As Russia launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine, striking the country by air, land, and sea on Thursday in what is called the biggest military attack on a European country since 1945, comedian Louis CK plans to make people laugh in the face of the war. The once-canceled comedian's upcoming performance is scheduled at the National Palace of Arts in the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv this weekend.

According to the latest update, Russian tanks stand just 20 miles from Kyiv as the city witnessed heavy bombing. Air raids sirens were heard as hoards of people tried to flee in the face of impending danger. Despite the ongoing invasion, comedian Louis CK is reportedly scheduled to perform this weekend.

"The Louis CK Show in Kyiv has not been canceled," a person wrote on Twitter. An image was attached to the post that read, "Dear attendees, Louis C.K. performance will take place, as planned, on February 25 and 26, 2022. Tickets for Louis C.K. show purchased earlier remain valid for new dates and do not require an exchange." However, the information is unverified yet as a rep for CK was not available for a comment on the matter.

'The Louis CK Show in Kyiv has not been canceled,' a fan wrote on Twitter
'The Louis CK Show in Kyiv has not been canceled,' a fan wrote on Twitter Screen grab - Twitter/Gawker

Tickets on 30% Off

Another person on Twitter noted yesterday that was offering passes to the shows at a 30% discount. "You can get tickets to see Louis CK live tonight in Kyiv right now for thirty percent off, or roughly $11.70 USD," the tweet read. A screengrab of the offer was attached to the tweet. The dates, however, have been removed from CK's official website.

According to Gawker, attendees of the show are required to put their phones in lockboxes so as to not leak any 'sensitive material' to the media.

CK's career faltered after multiple sexual assault allegations were leveled against him in 2017.

Louis CK is Not the Only One

Incidentally, CK is not the only celebrity to brave the Russian threat. Actor Sean Penn landed in Ukraine earlier this week to continue filming a documentary based on the political tensions in the country for more than a year.

Sean Penn
Sean Penn Wikimedia Commons

Penn was seen sitting in the first row at a press briefing held at Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky's office on Thursday. "Sean Penn demonstrates the courage that many others, especially Western politicians lack," a rep for the Ukrainian embassy told Newsweek.