Colorado Could Be The First Target Of Putin in Possible Nuclear War With US; Here's Why

War experts have estimated that in the condition of a nuclear attack between the US and Russia, Moscow will first try to target Colorado. The Western US state will be the first target for Russia's nukes including two other states Nebraska and Wyoming.

These states will be the first on the hit list of Moscow as operational Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile silos are only located in these states.

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Minuteman II, Minuteman III Missile Silos Located in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming

A little-known fact is that the Minuteman II and Minuteman III missile silos are located on a stretch of prairie that crosses these three states: Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. For example, the F.E. Warren Air Force Base, located just three miles from the town of Shane, Wyoming, is one of the US military's three strategic missile bases, according to the Bulgarian Military.

Russia Aware of These Missile Silos

Russians are also aware of the strategic importance of Colorado. Reports have claimed that Colorado is designed to absorb the nuke attack. In the condition of an initial nuclear attack, most populated cities in the US are expected to be spared.

Colorado Is Designed To Absorb The Nuke Attack

Nuclear weapon silos buried in northern Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana and North Dakota were designed to be the first targets during the Cold War. The thinking was that foreign enemies would try to attack those missiles first to limit a counterattack, while populated cities in the US would be spared, according to 9News.

Strategic key bases in Colorado are located near some small towns, which endorse a fear that any attack near these bases will definitely result in civilian casualties.

Dr. Fiona Hill, who served three presidents and was President Donald Trump's advisor on Russia, told 9News that during the cold war Colorado was believed to be the first target of Moscow for a nuclear attack.

Hill also underlined that there are many places like Colorado with Air Force bases, with nuclear missiles, with radar stations which you have here, just outside of Denver.

Expressing that nuclear war is possible, Hill stressed that the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin is that if he has an instrument, no matter how disastrous it could be, he will find out ways to use it to escalate the conflict to a new level.