Coldplay Singapore: 100,000 tickets including restricted view seats sold out

The show promoter urges fan to avoid buying tickets from resellers at an exorbitant price.

Chris Martin from the band Coldplay performs during a concert in Singapore Reuters

Audiences don't care if it's a good seat or not, they just have to get a glimpse of Chris Martin and groove to the music of Coldplay, the popular British rock band. This is only how one can explain the mad rush for the tickets for the Singapore's concerts next year.

Show promoter Live Nation Lushington announced on Friday that all 100,000 tickets, including standing inventory seat and restricted views seats, for the two-days Coldplay concert in Singapore have been sold out and though everyone did not get the best seat, the craze for the tickets was there throughout.

"Live Nation Lushington launched ticket sales for the second-announced, Friday 31 March show at 10:00am today and also released additional standing inventory plus restricted views seats for the Saturday 1 April show. There were over 1,500 people queuing at the National Stadium main box office, with many having waited since yesterday morning to have an opportunity to get the best seats," they said on social media.

The company also explained the shortcomings of restricted views seats. The seats are situated on either side of the main stage and behind the sound and light mix tents, and the sound and spotlight delay towers. While those who will be seated on the sides will not have a clear view of the main stage's rear central screen, the people sitting behind the towers will have restricted view. The company also said as a consolation, two side screens will be placed on both sides of the stage so that people can enjoy the concert. Moreover, the band will also be performing out on the catwalk thrust and the B & C stages added the company.

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In November, the Grammy-winners announced their Asian tour which is a part of their world tour called A Head Full Of Dreams and the said that they will be performing in five countries including Taiwan, the Philippines and Korea for the first time. After several requests from thousands of fans, the band decided to perform another live concert in Singapore on March 31.

While the tickets for the first concert, which is on 1 April 2017, sold out in 2 hours, tickets for the second concert was selling even three hours after it was opened for purchase on Friday.

Live Nation Lushington has also urged the fans of Coldplay to avoid buying tickets from resellers at an exorbitant price.

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"We will also continue to curtail the secondary tickets being sold at inflated prices. We have since voided a number of tickets found on the resale market as this contravenes our terms and conditions of sale. We would like to urge all fans to refrain from purchasing tickets through unauthorised resellers as these may have already been voided and holders will be denied access to venue," said the company.

Coldplay is returning to perform in Singapore after eight years since they last performance in the year 2009.