CNN's Don Lemon Blasted for Saying Trump Voters are on the Side of Klansmen and Nazis

As critics slammed Don Lemon for his recent comments on Trump voters, a Canadian comedian called the CNN host the greatest "Karen".

CNN host Don Lemon has said it is valid to associate those who voted for President Donald Trump with neo-Nazi and members of the white supremacist hate group Klu Klux Klan. He also urged people to think about "the side you are on". But many people criticized his recent comments and one of them also called him the "biggest Karen".

Lemon made these comments during the nightly changeover to his program from fellow host Chris Cuomo. Lemon's colleague said a narrative was forming that the Trump voters could argue saying that it is wrong to say that those who voted for Trump are like those who stormed the US Capitol on January 6.

In response, Lemon said: "If you are on that side, you need to think about the side you're on. I am never on the side of the Klan." Then he went on explaining his point and said, "principled people, conservative or liberal," were never on the side of the Klan or Nazi.

Don Lemon
CNN's Don Lemon says Trump voters are on the side of Klansmen Twitter

"Principled people who are conservative or liberal, never on the side that treats their fellow Americans as less than, that says your fellow Americans should not exist ... that sides with slavery," he added.

When Cuomo asked if these people claimed that "I don't agree with those people, I just like Trump's policies", Lemon responded saying, "Then get out of the crowd with them."

He continued his argument by saying that if someone has voted for Trump that means they showed their support for the person who the "Klan and Nazi supported". Lemon explained to his colleague Cuomo: "You voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers ... You voted on that side and the people in Washington are continuing to vote on that side."

Then Cuomo said that he agreed to what Lemon was trying to explain. Lemon has a long history of attacking Trump supporters. Earlier this week, he even called out Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, long time ally of Trump, for his latest apparent flip-flop on the President. The news anchor noted how "lapdog Lindsey" had some tough talk for Trump before he got into the Oval Office, calling him a "bigot" and "unfit for office".

Critics Slam Lemon

However, after Lemon's comments, critics slammed him for his remarks on social media, while some also called for his removal from CNN.

While a conservative radio host Ben Shapiro called Lemon "vile", Nicole Arbour, a Canadian comedian asked her Twitter followers, "When are we going to admit that @donlemon is the world's biggest Karen?"

Don Lemon