Clinically Dead Woman Claims to Have Seen Future During NDE [Details Inside]

The near-death experience testimonial shared by Bolette has made several people believe that life after death could be real.

Since the day humans gained conscience, the species has been trying to unveil the mysteries surrounding the phenomenon of death. Even though modern medical science considers death as the end of everything, spiritualists, citing holy books like Bible, Quran, and Bhagvat Gita claim that human beings will continue their journey in a different realm after taking their last breath. Adding up the heat to these afterlife theories, a woman who Is known only as Bolette L to preserve her anonymity has shared her mindblowing near-death experience testimonial.

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Near-Death Experience During Pregnancy

Bolette L apparently reached the verge of death due to severe bleeding during delivery. As bleeding increased, she became clinically dead for some time, and it was during these moments that Bolette apparently witnessed something mindblowing.

"I also felt befuddled and dizzy. Then I knew, when I would lie down, I would die. I just got that knowing in a calm manner, without drama, I just noted it. Then I died, in silence and calm, by feeling and observing myself slipping out of my body, out of the back of my head. Right after I floated in the air under the ceiling of the hospital room I was in, while my body was still in bed, with my son sleeping by the bed in his crib," wrote Bolette on the NDERF website, as translated from Danish.

Bolette Saw the Future

In her testimonial, Bolette also added that she saw a glimpse of the future after leaving the hospital during these dying moments. She also claimed to have seen a glowing light coming near to her.

"After leaving the hospital, I reached some nice, very comforting, and soft darkness. It felt so nice, soft, and loving. Then I was surrounded by this unearthly loving, very beautifully radiating light. In that overwhelming radiating, loving light, I met a glowingly beautiful, very loving being. It was as if I knew him – it was apparently a he," added Bolette.

As the testimonial shared by Bolette went viral on online spaces, several netizens started claiming that life after death could be real. However, medical experts claim that the visual hallucinations faced by near-death experience victims could be nothing but the result of the brain's survival trick when oxygen supply gets lessened.