CIA's Entire Collection of UFO-Related Documents Dumped on The Black Vault

According to The Black Vault website, a CD-ROM contains nearly 2,700 pages of declassified CIA documents.

Almost three decades' worth of government data on UFOs, including more than 2,700 pages of declassified CIA documents since the 1980s, are now available on a website and can be downloaded by anyone.

According to an online repository of UFO-related documents, known as The Black Vault, operated by John Greenwald Jr., the documents were obtained after a long string of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed over the past 25 years.

In the mid of 2020, Greenwald purchased a CD-ROM, created by the CIA that includes declassified documents, known as "The UFO collection". He recently uploaded the contents as a series of searchable PDF files on the website of The Black Vault.

Massive data dump
This CD-ROM actually contains nearly 2,700 pages of declassified CIA documents, according to The Black Vault The Black Vault

Massive Amount of Data on UFOs

These documents include dozens of incidents, such as a mysterious piece of intelligence on a UFO that was hand-delivered to the US government's Assistant Deputy Director for Science and Technology in 1976 and also the description of a mysterious midnight explosion in June 1908 in the sky above Stony Tunguska river in Siberia.

In a statement on The Black Vault website, Greenwald wrote that even though the CIA claimed that it was their entire declassified collection of such mysterious incidents, there may be no way to verify that claim. "Research by The Black Vault will continue to see if there are additional documents still uncovered within the CIA's holdings," he added.

Greenwald also added a note on the website saying, "Some media channels are reporting I filed 10,000 FOIA requests to get these documents. That is untrue."

UFO sighting Twitter/ SETI

The massive amount of data on UFOs dumped on a public platform months before the officials of the US Department of Defence and Intelligence agencies are asked to appear before Congress and reveal everything they know about such unusual sightings.

In December 2020, when President Donald Trump signed the Coronavirus relief and government funding bill, the 5,593-pages included an unexpected proposition, a request for the intelligence agencies to provide all the details about "unidentified aerial phenomena" to Congress within 180 days.

However, even though the newly dumped data is massive, The Black Vault has a huge database. The website includes over 2.2 million pages of UFO-related material in its archive which Greenwald obtained through more than 10,000 FOIA requests.

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