Church Unlimited Band Singer Caught Having Sex on Patio of Texas Bar, Video Goes Viral

The video shows the Church Unlimited band singer engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman on the patio of The Social in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ricky Valenz, the lead singer of the Church Unlimited band, was caught on camera having sex at a bar in Corpus Christi, Texas over the weekend and the explicit video footage is now being circulated on social media.

Valenz was formerly the vocalist for the Kumbia Kings All-Starz and is currently a volunteer vocalist for Church Unlimited, according to Pastor Philip Borden of Church Unlimited.

The singer was filmed engaging in sexual acts with a woman on the patio of The Social Bar in the Texas city on Sunday night. The graphic cellphone-recorded video, which has now gone viral on Twitter, was shot by an unvoluntary bystander who captioned the clip, "OH. MY. GOD."

Ricky Valenz
Church Unlimited singer Ricky Valenz caught on camera having sex with a woman at a Texas bar. Twitter

According to the Corpus Christi Police Department, the act caught on camera classifies as Public Lewdness, which according to Penal Code 2107, is defined as engaging in a sex act and to be reckless about whether a person watching would be offended.

Public Lewdness is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a possible fine or up to two years in jail. It is not yet known whether Valenz or his female companion has been charged with the offence.

Valenz Dropped from the Band

Pastor Borden, who supervises the church band, told a local newspaper that after the video went viral the circumstances were immediately handled and the church would help Valenz get repentance and forgiveness. At this time Church Unlimited has revoked Valenz's presence with the band and are praying for him during this time.

Ricky Valenz
Ricky Valenz Facebook

"I'm not perfect and I made a big mistake. I had too much to drink and this is a lesson learned on my behalf," Valenz told the publication.

The Social Issues Statement

Shortly after the video went viral, The Social released a statement on their social media accounts. "In light of the actions of a few, we at The Social 110% DO NOT condone nor tolerate this kind of behavior," the post read, along with a video clip of new signage installed on their patio that makes it clear no sex is allowed on the property.