Christ Bearer who chopped off his own genitals in 2014 gets married to Cheryl Bush

Christ Bearer, the Wu-Tang clan star who sliced off his own penis after drug overdose gets married to Cheryl Bush in a private ceremony

Christ Bearer also known as Andre Johnson is a rapper, who in the year 2014 chopped off his penis after a mental breakdown due to drug overdose. According to reports, the rapper in an intimate ceremony tied the knot with Cheryl Bush on December 30 in St Petersburg, Florida. Cheryl is his third wife and it seems he has found love once again.

Reportedly, Cheryl and Bearer had been dating each other for six months before finally becoming official husband and wife. The 46-year-old revealed that he's known Cheryl for years and according to Bearer she had been very supportive as he recovers from depression.

Bearer chopped off his genitals with a knife

Andre disclosed that in 2014 he was high on PCP (mind-altering drug) and weed when he chopped off his genital with a kitchen knife. He also threw himself off his second-floor balcony. However, the rapper said that he is not ashamed of his penis incident and he doesn't like to be defined by that.

Christ Bearer
Christ Bearer, who chopped off his penis gets married again

In the year 2017, Bearer revealed to BBC that his manhood is still in functioning mode. He even recalled that the reason of self-castration was because of his troubled relationships with women in the past. He even thought that his penis was out of control. So, by wounding himself, Bearer thought that he was fixing the problem that was causing him so much misery.

Christ Bearer and his new wife together is a part of Northstar, the rap duo discovered by Wu-Tang member RZA in the year 1998. Bearer and Cheryl were eventually signed by one of the labels that is known to have emerged from the hip hop group. Christ, on the other hand, is planning on Northstar's first album release in 2020 itself and has also been working on a clothing line.

This article was first published on January 4, 2020