Chris Hemsworth: I'm As Vulnerable as Anybody Else

This year, Hemsworth made his digital debut as an actor with Sam Hargrave's action flick 'Extraction.'

Hollywood's Thor Chris Hemsworth is as vulnerable as anybody else and grapples with uncertainties just like everyone. The actor says he looks at vulnerability as an access point for the audience and feels they make the character more relatable.

"I'm as vulnerable as anybody else," Hemsworth told IANS when asked about tapping into vulnerabilities for a character. "You know, anything involving children, children (being) in jeopardy or if their safety is threatened, having children myself, it's certainly easier to sort of draw upon the visceral nature of what that the circumstances would evoke in you," he added.

Missing Family While Shooting

Picking his recent digital film Extraction as an example, he continued: "We shot this movie in India, Bangladesh and Thailand, I didn't have my family with me, so having that distance, I was certainly missing them more than usual. And so to sort of tap into those emotions was a little more accessible."

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Reuters

"You know, (we all have the) same uncertainties. Some people are better at hiding them than others. But I think vulnerability is an access point for an audience and it shows that you are human. It shows that there are qualities that hopefully people can relate to, and uncertainties and questions (with which) people can identify with and that was what was so wonderful about the script of Extraction that was laid out in front of us and there for us to dive into."

After steering projects like Home And Away and JJ Abrams' Star Trek, Hemsworth scored his big break in 2011 with the film Thor as the Norse God of Thunder Thor, embarking on the journey of becoming one of the biggest and bankable movie stars in the world.

Opens up About Netflix Experience

This year, Hemsworth made his digital debut as an actor with Extraction. In Sam Hargrave's Extraction, Hemsworth is seen as a fearless, black market mercenary Tyler Rake, who embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he is enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

Talking about the working experience on the Netflix film, he said: "It was just such an incredibly wonderfully collaborative experience. It was the first time that I was working with the streaming platform. They have really carved out a space for this type of film that you may not be able to put on the consumer during this sort of time in cinema history.

"We were able to make a sort of a real throwback to the classic action films where you are not relying on special effects and visual effects. It is all in camera. It was a pretty exhausting, but wonderfully collaborative, incredible experience," he summed up the experience.

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