Chinese Company Starts COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials on Minors to Understand its Efficacy

There are speculations that the students are going to be the next group to get vaccinated against the novel virus

As the coronavirus or COVId-19 continues to spread globally a Chinese vaccine maker has started the clinical trials on minors to better get an understanding about the safety and efficacy of it to a wider population, as per reports.

The China National Biotec Group (CNBG) of SinoPharm, which is China's leading vaccine producer having two inactivated vaccine candidates for emergency vaccinations told that it has started the clinical trials on minors and the data shows the vaccine is safe, as reported by the Global Times. The results of the trials are expected to get released after the late-stage trials. The company did not release the details of the trials.

With the increase of domestic vaccination for emergency use, there are many speculations on whether the students are going to be the next group to get vaccinated against the virus. The parents of students from Xi'an told the Global Times that few schools started counting how many parents are going to agree to have their children vaccinated with domestic vaccines ahead of their commercial release. The parents also raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

School Students to Get Vaccinated in China?

Wuhan Coronavirus
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The Health Commission of Shaanxi Province dismissed the rumors that school students are going to get the vaccine and said that the provincial CDC is investigating the willingness of the people associated with high-risk industries like the medical workers and not the students.

An official of Jingxin Primary School located in Xi'an stated that they were told by the local CDC to collect the names of teachers who have intentions to join the vaccination for urgent use. An official of SinoPharm mentioned that companies are currently working with the local CDCs in many regions to expand the reach of the emergency vaccinations.

Another vaccine maker from China Sinovac stated that they are more cautious about applying doses on children but will soon get an approval to begin clinical trials with underage people. The deadly virus outbreak probably started from the Chinese city of Wuhan located in the Hubei province and is currently spreading like wildfire. An effective vaccine is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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