China's 'lonely dictator' Xi Jinping's image during his Wuhan tour goes viral; truth revealed

  • Chinese Primer recently visited the Coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan

  • An image from his tour went viral on social media

  • Xi Jinping's this particular image was named as 'lonely dictator'

China is currently battling against the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, which emerged in Wuhan in December 2019. As of now 3,000 have died in the Hubei province of China, the epicentre of the COVID-19 and affected 80,971 people in the country.

Recently, the Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Wuhan due to the new Coronavirus outbreak. After the visit, a picture of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping appeared on social media platforms which showed that he was sitting alone while wearing a mask on a chair.

'Lonely dictator': Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping Twitter

The photo which started to surface on social media on Tuesday, March 10, was a tightly cropped image which was taken from the window of a nearby building. The Chinese politician was captured on camera when he was sitting in front of the much-ballyhooed Huoshenshan Hospital, which was established during the early stages of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, said Chinese state-run media mouthpieces. The report also revealed that when Xi Jinping went inside the hospital he reportedly offered "cordial greetings" to the medical staff and patients.

Meanwhile, another question was raised by the netizens- whether he was actually sitting outside of the Huoshenshan Hospital or not as, previous images of the building showed that it was made of white prefabricated cubes, while the hospital had an aged, brick exterior. At first glance, the cropped image gives a vibe that Xi Jinping sitting all alone and look depressed which led the netizens to entitle the photo with "lonely dictator" and "last emperor."

The truth behind Xi Jinping's photo

It should be mentioned that later when the actual image was revealed it showed that that the Chinese president was not alone but was maintaining a significant distance between himself and party cadres.

As per the reports, Xi Jinping visited Wuhan to convey the message that the COVID-19 outbreak was winding down. Since he was captured wearing a mask, it could be possible that he knows about probable chances of getting affected by the virus in that area.

Later, when he left the Huoshenshan hospital, the next stop on Xi Jinping's tour was the Wuhan Kaiyuan Mansion Community in Wuhan's Qingshan District, where Sun Chunlan was berated by residents the previous week.

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